Keep me posted

I’ve talked a lot about wanting to write a book.

I remember the reaction when I first posted my plan on Facebook.

It felt great, I was affirmed and my hopes soared.

That summer I wrote almost eighty pages and was hopeful for the future.

Recently, I haven’t made enough time for writing and other things that bring me joy. I love following and seeing what everyone is up to and it lifts my spirits to see all the wonderful things happening in the lives of loved ones and friends.

However, I decided that social media has taken up too much space in my life. I’m just cutting out Facebook for now and will post on Instagram occasionally because I really like taking and seeing photos, but I’m going to back off on that too.

When I do eventually finish this book, I hope that you find out about it and give it a chance.

This isn’t an indictment on social media, just something I’m trying.

At the end of the day, everything is an experiment, so add this to the list.

Thanks for following along for this long, keep me posted.

IMG_8928 (1).JPG

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