“Man they’re annoying.”

I watch a lot of motivational videos. The speech from Miracle, witty, subtitled commencement speeches with theatrical music in the background, all of it.

Sometimes it gets ugly.

Being that you’re reading this, you know that sometimes (hopefully sometimes) my writing can be corny. You might read it and think, “not original” or “I read a book about this that says it better” and those are both fair assessments. What’s not fair is that, being someone who writes about lessons I’ve learned and also being someone who then shares those lessons with others, publicly, I should know better.

I should know better than to criticize “self-help experts” and various books that come out about empowerment.

I should, but sometimes I do.

What’s been enlightening for me is that when I practice what I preach, and give the benefit of the doubt, there is usually so much to learn, even in the “corny” even in the concepts that are “reductionist” or “too simple”.

Looking in the mirror on this issue has led to me realize: most of the time these thoughts I have are simply, envy. Full stop.



The reason I know this is because I have no answer to this question, “How is this hurting me?”

Nothing bad will happen to me from watching someone telling me to face my fears or reach my goals. Nothing. 

Well, not nothing. What might happen is I might actually get motivated, make a change and grow.

I might just learn something new.

So, if you’re a motivational poster (get it! speak about being corny) keep it up. Who knows, maybe you’ll actually change a life – how cool is that?

And on a personal note, anyone who has ever come up to me or sent me a message saying you read my stuff, you have no idea how important that is to me. Writing this has been therapeutic and has caused me to do a great deal of self-reflection, you know, removing the plank from my own eye, so thank you.

Face your fears, reach your goals.


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