Why should I care?

After a few years of teaching I realized one of the most important steps a teacher can take is to look at the lesson from the perspective of the student and ask, “Why should I care?”.

I’m not sure you should but you’re here now and I’ll let you come up with the answer.

I started writing because it helps me process and holds me accountable. I hope you enjoy reading my reflections.

Thank you ahead of time for being here with me. I will be open and honest in what I share and I ask you to please provide me with feedback.

-BOKcuba 3Photo: A side street in Havana, Cuba.


2 thoughts on “Why should I care?

  1. Great idea brendan. Please continue to share. I look forward to reading along as you update. Your candor and perspective help ground me to the more important things in life when it is so easy to get caught in the weeds.

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  2. Graeat reading this Brandon..just got back from Nairobi last night ..I’m up @5am reading this ..jet lag ..very insiteful and there are several elements in your writing that really hit home for me…Short of the green but not in the bunker…hope to keep reading more of your material. Good luck and keep up what you are doing !


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